Stress Management

Stress can affect our body, mind, behavior, and our emotions.  Headaches, frequent infections, fatigue, skin irritations, heart palpitations, loss of energy and stomach aches are some of the ways stress can be manifested in our body.  Stress can cause worrying, muddled thinking, nightmares, indecisions, and negativity, all which affect the function of our mind. We may find that we are more accident prone, have no appetite or sex drive, we are drinking more, smoking more, and are restless.  These are behavioral manifestations of stress. Emotionally we can experience loss of confidence, irritability, depression, fussiness, and apathy. 

If you have stress that you are finding unmanageable, report your symptoms to your doctor so that a physiological basis of your symptoms can be ruled out.  Your doctor may recommend counseling as a course of treatment.  Counseling/therapy has been shown to be effective in relieving stress symptoms, as has exercise, meditation, yoga, and good nutrition.  Seeking the company of supportive family members and/or friends may also prove helpful.   

Stress is very hard to avoid in our complex, fast paced world, but there is help available for relieving and even ridding ourselves of its’ harmful effects.

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If you are interested in more information about stress, check out this fact sheet by clicking on this link:

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