About the Therapist

Janie M. Grimes, M.Ed., LPC, NCC

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (#13732), and a National Certified Counselor (#32174).


I received my Master’s in Counseling from the University of North Texas, and have worked in the counseling field for twenty-two (22) years.  My experience includes treatment of clients who are depressed, anxious, are survivors of domestic abuse and/ or sexual assault, who are suffering from unresolved grief and loss, as well as trauma and PTSD, and substance abuse. My workplace environments have included a non-profit agency for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, a community college where I provided personal counseling and academic advising in a grant funded program for first-generation college students, as well as an instructor at the community college for three semesters, and offender counseling in a local counseling office. 

Counseling Fact:

Studies have shown if the mind is in good shape, then quality of life is better. 

My belief is that all persons have their answers for healing from the effects of disturbing life events, within themselves.  However, varying life experiences and choices have rendered them unable to access those answers.  I see my role as a therapist as primarily a facilitator of that search.  I believe therapy to be a collaborative effort between the client and the therapist.  The course of therapy involves exploring uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, and may even cause an increase in presenting symptoms as the client becomes more aware of self and returns to previous coping behaviors which may be destructive and self-defeating.  This typically is the period in which the client may stop therapy, feeling the therapy process is not helping.  The answer is to work through the pain with the assistance of the therapist, until one reaches the other side, the healing. I offer a supportive and non-judgmental environment which allows the client freedom of verbal and emotional expression as they seek that healing.

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